10 Project Ideas You Can Make Out of Your Yarn Scraps


Have you got a lot of scrap yarn just lying around waiting for your hooks to turn them into something magical and creative? Then, stir up your artistic fingers and turn these left over yarn into crochet creations that could look colorful and arty. Who knows what kind of beautiful crochet item you can make out of them unless you try?

Not just that, your scrap yarn can make you imaginative once you got out of budget and want to save a lots of money. You don’t have to throw your left over yarn away! Just awaken that creative genius in you and get on with your hooks! Moreover, if you want to catch that perfect stitch even when crocheting with dark yarn, you may get a light up crochet hooks set to help you out.

Here are some crochet ideas that you can make out of those yarn that you have stashed away:


Photo and pattern by Haak Maar Raak

1. Rainbow Sampler Blanket

Create this sampler blanket with a striped crochet pattern. You may pick your own color list for its rainbow look. This pattern uses a different stitch for each row which makes it more eye-striking and stunning. This is one of the best crochet projects you can turn your scrap yarn story into with its colorful design and exquisite style.



Photo and pattern by INGTHINGS (BRIGHTEN UP MY DAY)

2. Crochet Flowers

Turn on your creativity and make these colorful and gorgeous yarn flowers! Aside from their dazzling looks, these fascinating yarn flowers can also be used in so many ways whatever you want them to. You may use them to add spice in your home decors, put on as your accessories, use as cute designs for your gift packages and so on. Just get creative in whatever ways you want to use them to and they will definitely add a fabulous flavor!



Photo and patttern by My Rose Valley

3. Daisy Squares

You can make any crochet creations you want with these versatile squares. Want a lovely scarf that has a gorgeous and colorful style? Wish to create a blanket that’s eye-catching and rich in colors? Think of any crochet projects that are possible and they’ll totally look radiant and lively. You may join them together with other colorful squares for a rainbow look.



Photo and project by Simply Notable

4. Chair Leg Warmers

Bring on some zest on your kitchen and dining table! This chair leg warmers pattern will not only protect your floor when your chair scrapes but can also add some cheer and color in your dining area. Yarn, as soft as it is, can save your expensive wood floors from damage. Want to keep the lovely finish of your floor? This crochet project will definitely do! Add some craze on your kitchen with this charming crocheted item.



Photo and pattern by Craftaholics Anonymous

5. Washcloths

Hurry! Get your scrap yarn and create this wonderful pattern that’s quick and easy. These wash cloths aren’t just beneficial and convenient for your personal use, they make as beautiful handmade gifts too! It wouldn’t take that much yarn to create these lovely squares so you can always gift the extras to your family and friends. Find a cotton yarn in your pile of scrap and crochet this wonderful project.



Photo and Project by For The Love of Crochet Along

6. Crochet Mobile

Want to add something to jazz up your room or prettify any areas in your house? This crochet mobile décor idea can surely bring a dazzling glee! You may use the pattern from the crochet flowers or the like to customize your design. Just imagine how this project can gorgeously hang over your bed or somewhere in your living room area. They can be a delightful hanging barrier too with their creative and arty vibes.



Photo and pattern by Stitches N Scraps

7. Linen Stitch Scrap Rug

Take all your yarn story scraps and make this multi-stranded crochet creation! The colors will definitely look perfect together as you use 5 strands of yarn at a time to create this eye-catching project. Some creative crochet designers have made bath mats, pet beds and so on by using the pattern in their own artistic ways.



Photo and pattern by Joy of Motion Crochet

8. Christmas Wrapping

Give your gift that personal touch and extra special vibes with this crocheted Christmas wrap. They don’t just look creative but they also bring that sense of exceptional feelings of being treasured and cherished. Use your yarn scraps to give someone that feeling of warmth and love.



Photo and pattern by Poppy and Bliss

9. Yarn Basket

Make your yarn basket colorful and sweet! Use your multi-colored yarn scraps to create this artistic and well-crafted yarn basket that you can use to keep your yarn stash organized and neat. It doesn’t just look lovely and charming but is definitely useful as well.



Photo and pattern by Haak Maar Raak

10. Coasters

Create coasters with different colors to bring that spark of glee around your house! Keep your furniture clean from all those wet drips from glasses and drinks by crocheting these coasters. You may share the extras to your loved ones and friends and gift someone with this special handmade item.



These are just few of the many project ideas you can make out of your yarn scraps. Just unfold the magic of your artistic fingers and you can definitely create a beautiful creation out of your left over yarn. Creating something out of nothing is one of the most memorable part of your yarn story. 

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