10 Easy-To-Make Crochet Blanket Patterns

Who doesn’t love crocheting blankets? These crochet creations are one of the most well-liked choice for most crochet lovers out there! Aside from the fact that you can make them in any yarn weight, crochet blankets can also be created in any stitch pattern. And though one may think that this crochet work seems like a huge job, there are actually a lot of crochet projects and patterns that are beginner-friendly! Now make that cozy throw and snuggle yourself up with these easy-to-make crochet blanket patterns!



Crochet Blanket - Crochet Story


Image and pattern by Sandra Paul via Ravelry

1. Battenberg Blanket

Create that blanket with an eye-catching style! This creation is made up with a bunch of small and colorful crochet squares stitched together to create a lovely blanket with a checkerboard-like design. You may use any type or weight of yarn in creating this gorgeous handmade blanket so get yourself ready and stitch on with your yarn story and hooks!




Blanket - crochet story


Image and pattern by Sigoni Macaroni

2. Double Strand Scrap Blanket

Do you have lots of yarn stash just lying around your house waiting for that one moment they can be used up? Take this beautiful pattern and get those yarn scraps ready! This pattern is perfect for any crochet rookies with its quick and easy to make design. And to easily use up your stash quickly, the entire blanket is mostly created in double strands.




Blanket - crochet story


Image and pattern by Cypress Textiles

3. Happy Little Tree Blanket Pattern

Want to create something stunning and a lot more artistic? This Happy Little Tree Blanket Pattern looks so creative and eye-striking! Thinking about your crochet skill? This pattern is perfect for whatever crochet level you are in! Created with a lovely rose hexagon and solid hexagon, this crochet creation is definitely a stunner! 




Blanket - crochet story


Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

4. Caron Cabin In The Woods Crochet Afghan

Make something that looks ravishing and outstanding! This classic chevron striped afghan looks so dazzling with its beautiful colors using Caron Simply Soft and Caron Simply Soft Heather yarns. With its captivating design, you’ll definitely love the warmth and comfort of this beauteous crochet creation.




Blanket - crochet story


Image and pattern by Fiber Flux

5. Snow Berries Throw

Ease yourself during frosty days with this super cozy blanket! With its exquisite and snuggly design, you’ll surely feel so comfortable and warm. You may pick a hue of your choice in creating this Snow Berries Throw that’s created in modern stripe square. Get your yarn story and hooks and snuggle up with this comfy blanket.



Blanket - crochet story


Image and pattern by Crochet Dreamz

6. Twinkling Stars Blanket

Created using soft worsted weight yarn, this crochet blanket looks quite quick and fast. This creation is beautifully stitched in wonderful colour combos that made it look so pretty and charming. The stitch used is easy to work with and friendly to all crochet rookies out there. This pattern is perfect for summer and spring with its light and airy design.




Blanket - crochet story


Image and pattern by Dabbles & Babbles

7.  Easy Cozy Crochet Blanket

Love to snuggle up during cold days and wintry nights? This easy cozy crochet blanket could be your best companion in town. Though this blanket is perfect for frosty weather, this creation will make you feel so comfortable without letting you feel extremely warm. So if you want to feel that warmth that is just right, then this blanket is perfect for you!




Blanket - crochet story


 Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch

 8. Mod Heirloom Crochet Blanket Pattern

Take your yarn and hooks and create this lovely blanket that’s perfect for all ages with its stylish design and modern style. This pattern is made using granite stitch that gives its woven look. It goes with any home décor with its colour scheme and simple stripes. So beginner friendly and easy to make!




Blanket - crochet story


 Image and pattern by Crochet For You

9. Pastel Peaks Crochet Baby Blanket

Charming and pretty! This crochet blanket pattern looks so nice with its eye-catching pastel colors and sweet design. It doesn’t just look appealing but is also soft and light! You don’t have to be an expert so you can crochet this adorable creation. This work is quite easy to make so if you’re still new in the world of crocheting, this pattern won’t not be that hard.




Blanket - crochet story


 Image and pattern by Alaska Knit Nat

10. Northern Lights Memory Blanket

Crochet a blanket that’s striking and captivating with this Northern Lights Memory Blanket! With its alluring color scheme, you’ll definitely fall in love with this cozy creation. You may pick your own colors to suit your own style and taste. This pattern is wonderfully cozy and perfect to give you comfort from a long and hard day.



There is nothing more relaxing and satisfying than seeing your crochet creations give comfort and ease for your loved ones and for yourself. Crochet blankets are one of the most popular in the crochet world and these are just a few from the many list that you can create with your artistic mind and crafty fingers. If you want to stay late and crochet at night, use a light up crochet hook so you can hit that stitch even when it’s dark. So head on with your yarn story and stir up that crochet master in you.




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