10 Crochet Projects You Can Take On the Go


Can’t resist not having your creative fingers gliding with your yarn and hooks? Take your craft with you! Maybe you love to stitch something out while you’re in the car, in the park, on the train or simply just anywhere! Well, why not? Who says we can’t take our projects when we’re away from home or when we go for that next spot for our vacation? Now, pack your next crochet project and crochet tools and take them along. Check out these 10 crochet projects you can always take on the go!



Image and pattern by Dada's Place 

1. Primavera Flowers Granny Square

Who can go wrong with a square? Aside from the idea that you can make a lot of things from it, stitching out a granny square is always fun and easy to make as well. This pattern’s designer used 100% cotton yarn in creating these primavera flowers and the tutorial given is written in US terms. Special stitches are used like the popcorn stitch and 3 double cluster stitch. So take along this gorgeous pattern and make these gorgeous squares!



Image and pattern by The Curio Crafts Room

2. French Mini Peacock Feather

Want something cute that you can turn into everything your imagination can think of? Check out this eye-catching French Mini Peacock Feather that can surely turn you on. With its exquisite design and wonderful style, you can make a bunch of this into a wall hanging, a garland, lovely appliques or whatever crochet projects your creativity can turn them to! Get on with your artistic fingers and bring a masterpiece out of this ravishing creation.



Image and pattern by Catherine Richardson on Ravelry

3. Spread the Dishcloth Joy

Are you a fan of dishcloths? Crochet projects like this can make a perfect gift to anyone who loves the kitchen or just anyone you want to put a smile on. You can pick any color you want with your most-liked worsted or light worsted weight cotton yarn and stitch out this lovely pattern out from your stash. Besides, this pattern does not need a lot of your yarn so you can just easily take it along wherever you go.  



Image and pattern by Liz McQueen on Ravelry

4. Brain Waves Coffee Cozy

Give your coffee a bit of cheer! This travel mug cozy is way better than those cardboard coffee sleeves and helps your coffee warm longer.  With its superb and aesthetic design, this crochet project can make a perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee a lot. You can keep one too and give your coffee that chic and stylish look. Make your mornings a lot more fun with this crochet creation.



Image and pattern by Dabbles & Babbles

5. Color Block Bag

Do you love to color block? Then, check this pattern out! You can play with color changes and combine the different hues you like. The designer of this pattern used light worsted yarn with approximately 200 yards of each color and used single crochet stitch and the Suzette Stitch in making this beautiful tote. This is an easy pattern you can take along with you with an outcome of a lovely texture.



Image and pattern by Kirsten Ballering on Haak Maar Raak

6. Herringbone Phone Cover

Create a very cute phone cover! With this crochet project’s eye-catching palette and stylish design, your phone can definitely look chic and fab! This pattern’s designer used slanted stitches called Herringbone stitch which made this crochet creation sturdy and awesome. Besides, you can pick your own hues and let them fit your outfits and style. So if you’re thinking of dressing up your mobile phones, you know what pattern to stitch out!



Image and pattern by Lisa Gutierrez on Good Knits

7. Sly Fox Hat

Make someone look adorable and charming! Break away from ordinary hats and check out this endearing pattern that can absolutely turn anyone into a cutie. This crochet creation can definitely feel comfy when cool weather comes or can turn into a lovable costume when October knocks. Stitch out this crochet project and your kids will surely fall in love!



Image and pattern by 5 Little Monsters 

8. Sweet Stripes Crocheted Laptop Case

Have you got a laptop and want to make it look sharp and stylish? Look no longer! This sweet stripes crocheted laptop case can definitely steal your eyes out with its gorgeous style and sassy design. This pattern’s designer worked up this case’s top and bottom with a single crochet and granny stripes in the middle. Doesn’t it look so incredible and beauteous? Just check out your stash and work this pattern out.  



Image and pattern by Crochet Dreamz

9. Crochet Water Holder Pattern

Loves to carry your water bottle with you all time? Don’t get thirsty again. This crochet water holder pattern will help you out! It can fit a 500 ml plastic water bottle and just in case you want to make it taller, all you have to do is to repeat the last couple of rows and voila! Go for any color you want or check out your yarn scraps and you’ll surely enjoy making this pattern out no matter which crochet level you are.



Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch

10. Best Modern Hot Pad

Go for a thick crocheted hot pad! Besides its modern style and fancy look, this exquisite crochet hot pad pattern is beginner friendly and super simple to stitch out. All it takes is a chain and slip stitch and you’re ready to go. You may use this project as a hot pad or a modern trivet with its thick and tight fabric that’s long lasting and strong.


We always want our yarn and hooks to fill our empty hours especially when we go out of the house. It’s always relaxing to take a crochet project when we’re traveling, go camping, taking vacations, sitting on the park or maybe just waiting for someone in a coffee shop. Besides, what can separate us from our craft? Nothing can! Get a crochet light up hook set to help you see your stitches clearly even when it is somewhere dark. Additionally, crochet light hooks can help you a lot when it comes to dark yarn. Keep on stitching!

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