10 Crochet Plant Pot Covers Free Patterns


Bring out the zest of your green thumb and blend it in with your yarn and hooks! Want to get that perky look for your plants and flowers? Stir up your creative fingers and stitch something that will surely bring that perfect spice in your plant’s looks. Keep your plants away from those dull containers and give them that eye-catching glow by stitching out crocheted plant covers with a color of your choice. Want to jive in? Here are some free patterns for crochet plant covers that you’ll definitely love!


Image and pattern by The Inspired Wren

1. Spiral Crochet Planter Cover

Give your pots that gorgeous make over! This spiral crochet plant cover can radiate an aesthetic vibe that will surely give a bubbly look to your pots. Aside from bringing some life and color to your bland containers, this crochet pattern will not cost you that much. Just take out your yarn scraps and stitch out this lovely pattern and voila! Your pots can now go on a date with their fabulous cover!



Image and pattern by Willow Crochet

2. Three Plant Pot Cover

Want to bring in some rays of sunshine to your greenhouse? Then get off with the monotony, and stitch out some sunny plant pot covers and bring out some life in your greenery. This crochet pattern was created with three simple designs that you can use for all sorts of pots, yarn or hook size! So take out your yarn stash and pick out a color of your choice and stitch out this crochet pattern that can make your pots glow!



Image and pattern by Knits 'N Knots

3. Mini Raffia Planter 

Dress up your pots with this simple but fabulous mini raffia planter that looks classy and chic. The designer picked the Wool and Gang’s raffia that is 100% paper in creating this stylish pattern. With just one roll of it, you can make a lot of planters that will splash out some life in your plain containers. Want to bring in some style for your plant covers? Then this pattern is a perfect candidate!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

4. Bernat Slouchy Crochet Plant Holders

Want to get your plain pots that fabulous looks? Jazz up their style with this easy crochet pattern that is crocheted using Bernat Maker Home Dec. With its stitch definition, you’ll surely bring out that stylish texture and give your pots that sassy look. So get your hooks ready and stitch out that beautiful pot dress that will give some spice wherever you put your plants on.



Image and pattern by Moogly

5. Planting Seeds Flower Pot Cozy and Card

Have you been thinking of a wonderful gift idea that can touch someone’s heart? Hold on and take a look at this pretty pot cozy! You can tag a printable card and write your heart-warming message together with your dressed up plant and put a smile to that one lucky human. So stir up your artistic side and create this wonderful pot cozy that will surely make someone feel loved and special.



Image and pattern by Thoresby Cottage

6. Teddy Bear Pot Cover

Shower some drops of cuteness with this adorable crochet pattern! The designer used Moya Asili yarn that’s perfect for long-lasting and well-made projects like baskets and planters. So if you want to stitch out some plant pot covers that look sweet and delightful, then this pattern is a perfect find. Besides, you can used this crochet pattern as baskets too. Awesome!



Image and pattern by Sincerely Pam

7. Ribbed Basket Crochet Pattern

Looking for something easy to work on with? Get this ribbed basket crochet pattern and use up your yarn stash for something useful and practical!  The designer finished this wonderful creation for under an hour and you can dress up your plants with its pretty style and design. But that doesn’t end there, you may want to use this crochet pattern for your hooks or some stuffs. Cool, isn’t it?



Image and pattern by Annaboo's House

8. Crochet with Twine

Do something cute and quick! This mini-flower pot holder is so easy to make and can give your little plants that good-looking style. So if you want a pot holder that can easily catch your eyes on, then you can stitch this pattern out. The designer used a jute of garden twine in creating this pot cover which made it look classy and grand. You may join a length of twine so you can hang your plant somewhere you like.



Image and pattern by Sewrella

9. Crochet Pineapple Planter

Cuteness overload! Do you want a planter that’s adorably charming and artistic? Then this crochet pineapple planter is a hit! With its creative design, you can have plants around your house that look like pineapples especially when you have this spiky succulent that the designer has. She recommends a cotton yarn for this project as it handles the moisture better. Getting enticed with this adorable creation? Just get your yarn and hooks and stitch this pattern out!



Image and pattern by Mataya Made

10. Crochet Flower Pots

Spruce up your house with this eye-catching crochet flower pots! With their two-coloured design, they can definitely be a wonderful home décor that will put some flavour in your house. The designer created this pattern for for a 4.5″ flower pot and you can use a single color for a simpler style. All you need to know in creating this stylish pattern are single crochet, half double crochet and how to change colour in crochet. And presto! You now have stunning crochet flower pots to beautify your home.


Plants and flowers are beautiful wonders that can add so much life in our dull areas. But who says they can’t give more colors through designing their pots? They definitely can! Our creative fingers and our lovely craft can create so much magic in making simple things grand. And when you create these wonderful patterns, use light up crochet hooks to help you see your stitches well even when you crochet in the dark! Besides, you can see your work clearly even when you use a dark yarn! Keep going with your yarn story and keep your creativity alive!

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